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The Original Oyster House

The Original Oyster House, located in colorful Market Square is Pittsburgh’s oldest tavern. Designated a historic landmark, the unique tavern was established in 1870 when oysters costing a penny a piece were served to hungry miners and riverboat men.

Through the years celebrities from former heavyweight champion Joe Louis to former President Jimmy Carter have stopped by to sample the delicious seafood and congenial atmosphere.

During Prohibition, The Original OysterHouse began serving its own special brand of buttermilk. When Prohibition ended, buttermilk had become a part of the tavern’s tradition.

The present owner, Lou Grippo, was bounced out of the Oyster House when he was a teenager, and in a moment of what at the time must have seemed mere braggadoccio, vowed he would return and buy the place. Some years later, the vow came true.

The Original Oyster House continues to attract politicians, judges, attorneys, sports figures, entertainers, newsmen, and hundreds of thousands of others as customers. More fish sandwiches are served here each week than anywhere in the city.

In the heart of the city at Market Square, The Original Oyster House is a Pittsburgh tradition.

While in Pittsburgh, visit The Original Oyster House. Call 412-566-7925 or visit


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